I’m a self-taught photographer enjoying life the most while taking pics or traveling the world.
Currently most active in the festival/nightlife/event scene, but open-minded enough to step out of my comfort zone to fulfil your request.
Don’t hesitate to contact me for bookings/questions.

I work(ed) for:

World Club Dome Frankfurt
Ultra Europe (Croatia)
Studio Brussel
Lief Festival Utrecht
Coca Cola
Ostend Beach
Nexuz / DiMaro / Frequency
Event Photographers United
Aftrsun Festival

If you want to use one of my photos, please contact me.
Photos should never be cropped or edited.
All photos should be credited to: www.jelledreesen.com
Posts to Instagram are to be tagged @jelled.
Posts to Facebook should tag the “Jelle Dreesen Photography” Facebook page.